Our vision – dotts audio


Our generation's DNA is leading us to a sustainable growth without holding future generations responsible

About us

dotts is a new experience, a better way to create products

dotts is technology, audio, innovation and sustainability combined to create excellence. We believe in a fashion technology future, a future where every electronic product is perfectly designed to match each individual style. We want to change the way you wear and use electronic products, aligning the worlds of fashion and technology in our rapidly changing world.  

dotts is in a constant change, in a constant search of perfection. We place the customer in the center of the brand, building an experience where every individual can be part of the design  process of their own products. dotts is transparency and responsibility, dotts is present… but also future.

dotts is our team and the people who follow us! Everything we believe in is reflected in our products

Our goal is clear, to collaborate on changing the way we (humans) do things into a more sustainable manner..

Sustainability is environmental respect via innovation. Our generation's DNA is leading us to a sustainable growth without holding future generations responsible.

For us, it’s necessary to stop environmental contamination. However, we are not satisfied with just recognizing it, we are looking forward to be part of the change and we want to shout it out to everyone.

At dotts we do things different. We understand technology as a tool for the change and we strongly believe in innovation, innovation of all of our products but also innovation of all of our processes. 3D Printing is our beloved partner. Together we are redesigning the way we make consumer technology through the most sustainable manner, consuming 65% less energy than traditional manufacturing and allowing us to recycle and reuse every single thing we make. dotts is sustainability transformed into high-quality, well-designed, high-tech products.


3D Printing

3D printing is the future, the future of manufacturing.

When we first got in touch with 3D printing we automatically fell in love with it and realized that it was the tool for our ideas, the tool that is helping us to redesign the way we buy and wear technology products. Our whole production model is based on innovative 3D printing methods. 3D printing brings benefits for you and for us. It´s faster, more sustainable and cooler than traditional processes.

Thanks to it, we can offer you thousands of combinations to choose from and create new designs in a matter of hours. Thanks to it, we can recycle and reuse every material and product we create, in order to have zero waste. We strongly believe in the future of 3D printing and thanks to the most advanced 3D printing methods and our self-made innovative processes we are willing to leave a mark, our mark for the future.