dotts-Headphones-quick-guide – dotts audio


How to design your dotts Headphones?

You are about to configure your very own personalised dotts!  Just a little extra info before you start.

1. Select your Headphone type

dotts M

Bluetooth Headphones with high quality sound.

+ info

dotts M+

Bluetooth Headphones with ANC. Only available on pre-sale

+ info

dotts S

Modular wired headphones.
Mix and match on the go

+ info

2. Select the shape that fits your needs

On ear

Travel series - easy on the go 

Available for dotts S and dotts M

Over ear Round

Music series - comfort above all

Available for dotts M and dotts M+

 Over ear Oval

Sports series - your GYM partner.

Available for dotts M and dotts M+

3. Select your favorite color option and have fun! +2500 combinations are waiting for you

4. Add extras to enjoy the full experience, we do recommend the sweatproof earpads